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Name: snap gonsorin
Age (13-17): 13, almost 14
Gender: female
Appearance: no one knows. but she's pretty sure she's female. and one time she bumped into something with her chest and it really hurt, so the boobs are probably happening.
Power: she's invisible. like, all the time. it kind of sucks. if something is attached or on her, it becomes invisible as well. e.g. clothes, animals, people.
Personality: she's really quiet. she likes sneaking up on people, pulling out chairs from underneath them, etc. she's sort of the academy poltergeist, except she's not a ghost. she tries to stay away from relationships and that sort of thing since the incident with her cat, marmalade. she doesn't want anyone else to share her power--mainly because it sucks. seriously. what's the point of being invisible if you can't turn back to being seen every once and awhile? jeez. she's also secretly working on a way to turn herself visible again. she tried dumping paint all over herself once, but all that led to was a really long shower scrubbing invisible paint out of uncomfortably unseen places. ewwww.
Friends/Relationships: well, she tries not to get attached to things, lest they become invisible. case in point: marmalade, the formerly orange cat who loves snap dearly and followed her around until snap fed and pet her (and let her use snap's invisible head as a pillow). then marmalade starting fading. she was still there, but not visibly. snap was heartbroken. marmalade just used it to sneak into the academy kitchen and get more food. it doesn't bother her, but snap is scared of getting attached to someone or something like that again.
Other: i think i covered everything. so. yeah.
and of course i f o r g i v e
i've seen how you live
like a phoenix you r i s e
from the ashes
you pick up the p i e c e s
and the ghosts in the attic;
they never quite leave
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