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Default Commandment, Run, Jade Feather

((1)My PJ Fanfic, which I'm kinda stuck on)
Don't tell me you're unnormal until you've seen my crazy, messed up life.
((2)A slowly outlined and progressing story I work on when I get tired with others, because I'm not posting this, so no pressure.)
Given the fact that I'm mental, crazy, and about to be shipped off to an asylum, my best option? Is to run.
((3)A story I wrote when I was younger- the story, meh. But the first line I like and will always memorize- so here it is. It is sort of like my sig- Lena's quote- now)
It's humans, I think. That's my problem. They're mental and they suck. As if I'm not one.

(I'll need to check that doc for Crimson and Moonlight cause I can't memorize them yet)
And it gets easier,
Even if it never stops being hard.
-Ena, 2017
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