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Originally Posted by FrostBittenKitten View Post
Newt: *attacks Curufin back, aided by Thomas*

Reyna: fighting is not going to solve anything

Octavian: *pulls sock out of mouth* disgusting

Annabeth: *ties Octavian's hands with her socks and puts the other sock back in his mouth*

Octavian: mmmph mph mmmmm!

Coach Hedge: *eats donut*
Celegorm: heigh ho a fight *takes out spear*

Caranthir: a fight yaaay *draws sword*

Maglor: D:


Maedhros: well

Amrod: THIS ELF IS ON FIYYYYAAAAAHHHH *burns aggressively*

Maedhros: nope

Maglor: nope nope nope

Maedhros: we're out
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