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Originally Posted by SilverMoon View Post
Name: Bastien Blake
Age and Year: 17, senior
Personality: Man of few words. Very humble. Level-headed and cautious. Pretty chill dude, smiles a lot. Great at teamwork but has a bad habit of trying to take on too much by himself. Your local big bro. Has leadership skills but usually lets someone else take charge so they can do the talking. Never complains. Constantly more stressed than he lets on. Focused on having a good senior year, basketball, and college applications/admissions process.
Appearance: Bastien is African-American with a very dark complexion and a long, rectangular face with a flat, wide nose. He has dark hooded eyes and shoulder length black dreadlocks which are usually pulled back in a ponytail. He's very tall and lanky, with wide shoulders and long extremities with large hands and feet. He's lean but not overly muscular and very agile and graceful.
Power: neon glow (can surround self in neon. Manipulate pre existing neon from a short range, can only manipulate neon in a glow/aura of neon within a couple feet of their body, so their superpower is very short ranged)
Gender: cis dude
Sexuality: Vaguely identifies as pansexual, doesn't really have a preference in type of partners.
Other: Basketball star, power forward. Fluent in American Sign Language. Senior class Vice President. Has a little bro in middle school and a littler bro in kindergarten, lives with both parents who are young professionals. His parents know about his powers but his little brothers don't.
bastien is a good boy and I cant wait to use him
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