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Name: Olivia Chandlyr
Age and Year: 18, senior
Personality: She is extremely mentally strong, but that can be a flaw as she is very stubborn. She cares about rules, but not enough to obey them in order to fight for what is right. When she is alone, she is extremely self critical with everything about herself. She harms herself regularly.
Appearance: She has a deep, suntanned complexion, but that doesn't stop her from having super dark freckles, which are enhanced by makeup to look like they do. SHe doesn't have too many of them, just a couple on each cheek. She has extremely dark brown hair, dark brown eyes. She is tall, and wears black sweatshirts or fleeces with jeans most of time. She wears a lot of makeup and generally cares about her appearance.
Power: She can enter other people's dreams, or mind. If she is in the mind, she can hear the person of whom the mind belong's too's thoughts, but only the thoughts that are at the front of their mind. Not those ones who float around the back of your head that you always try to ignore. She can see a small window of what they see as well. She can also speak to them through their mind, appearing as an unidentifiable voice that one assumes is their own thoughts, and mostly obeys. When she enters their dream, she sees through the perspective of the dreamer. She can break out of the perspective, and enter the dream in her own body. She then can manipulate the dream to as she likes. When she is in their perspective, she cannot control anything, and the dreamer does not hear her thoughts or know she's there. When she uses her power, she needs to touch the person, and while she uses it she appears to be asleep. With this being really overpowered, she becomes really weak and tired and is more likely to become sick for her immune system is weakened every time after she uses her power. The longer she uses it, the worse it is. Although it is impossible to tell time while using her power, if she uses it for more that three hours at a time, or in a row with less times in the middle, she will die. There is a rare chance she will survive. She doesn't know this, but she's pretty much figured it out. Therefore she does not use her power very often. *Breathes very heavily* I made this waaaaaaaay more complicated then it should be, ughhhhh.
Gender: Intersex, no identifiable sex, but identifies as a girl.
Sexuality(look, I fixed it): Bi
Other:Social media growing star, including musical.ly and youtube. Does makeup and nail tutorials. No, she's not a brainwashed idiot Kardashian wannabe. She's a great person, nobody judge.

And there's your proof that I talk way too much.
please, ignore my screaming.

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