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Okay one more! Also I wanna have some character relationships with your characters!! And I’m ready to start for real now!

Name: Skye Kim

Age and year: 17, senior

Personality: Cool, but without trying. Hint: they do try they’re just good at making it seem like they don’t. In a band with Max and Olive. (Olive is the lead singer, Max plays guitar, and Skye is the bassist. They still need a drummer.) Lowkey kind of sassy, but mostly chill. A bit cold at first, but loyal and dependable to the end. Similar in personality to Olive, except a lot more laid back and less crazy and outgoing. Likes writing and reading. They are secretly a hopeless romantic, however, but hates people looking at their sappy poetry or artwork. On the alternative side. Likes old and vintage stuff. “Too cool for you” vibe. Aestethic. Really down to earth. Dry and witty humor.

Appearance: Half black and half Korean, they have dark brown almond shaped eyes and warm toffee colored skin. Their hair is short, super curly, and so dark brown it’s practically black. Just picture Abby’s hair from the movie Love, Simon. Sometimes wears eyeliner, sometimes wears a full face of makeup, typically wears none. Has three ear piercings in their right ear. About 5’ 8”. Usually wears band t-shirts, vintage shirts, jeans, and sometimes patterned pants. Hates dresses. Def going to prom in a tux.

Power: They can manipulate light. They could use this power to temporarily blind people, create illusions, make themselves invisible, or stuff like that. As per usual, the bigger the illusion or whatever, the more energy it takes, the more drained Skye gets, etc.

Gender: gender noncomforming

Sexuality: doesn’t like labels, but typically gravitates to more feminine people

Other: affiliation is probably true neutral, and Max would be either good neutral or lawful good,, also both are avalible for shipping (wiggles eyebrows) and that includes friendshipping!!
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