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Name: Dapplecloud

Clan(For kittypets, rouges, and loners just put so here): ThunderClan

Role in Clan(kit, apprentice, warrior, med cat, deputy, leader): med cat

Gender: Female

Personality:Kind-hearted, but stubborn. If you are benig stubborn, she will be even more stubborn. "GET IN MY DEN, BEFORE I DRAG YOU IN THERE BY THE SCRUFF." A little snappy. Usually knows what bit you before it even bites you, watches everything. Constantly telling Snowpelt (ha, hope you don't mind) to "stop that! You're gonna fall and break all your legs. Stop acting like a blind kit." Overworked with such a big clan, but she always hides it well.

Appearance:Sand colored, with huge maroon(but, you know, a natural shade)back dapples. Her chest, belly, and eye spot are all the same colors. The tip of her tail is as well,but it used to be all of her tail. When she was a kit, one of her littermates had a huge seizure and, thrashing wildly, grabbed on to her tail. One of her other litermates thought that it was a fun game to bite Dapplekit's tail, and then her mother attempted to pluck them off, but pulled too hard and now her tail was a stump. So, "screw this imma be a med cat." She is still young, but her eyes are the eyes of an elder, and makes her look ten times older than she actually is. Fits her, because that's how she acts.

Mate(must be a cat that is either one of your own or somebody else's): Lol nothing her Dapplecloud never breaks the code not NEVER *le yells in a certain two med cat's ears*

Mentor(if apprentice):noep

Apprentice(if mentor):Clovertail, hopefully.

Any Backstory?: It's all in appearance.

Prophecy(optional): Le noep

Other:Not really.
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