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I have a story lol:
So as a kid, I never was into the harry potter series, which came as a surprise for most people because I was a big reader. I tried reading it a couple of times, but never finished the first book. The summer after sixth grade, I went to Harry Potter world with my family. I was chosen to get up in front of everybody and do a spell, but I said no because I thought it would be embarrassing since I didn't know anything from the series. Turns out the lady tells you what to do and you get a free wand at the end. Now, fast forward a couple of years later and both my younger sisters are obsessed with the series, and after much reluctance, I watch one of the movies with them. Now they convinced me to read the book.. and it's kind of okay (even though I'm barely half way through)?? HAHAH I just can't with the way I switched up on the entire thing hahaha too bad I didn't get my free wand to make my sisters jealousss jk
but yeah that was pointless dk why I wrote this? lol

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