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Originally Posted by rebecca View Post
Same. I love screwing my characters over. Poor likkle Ianthe will always get a bad deal. Her on-and-off girlfriend is a compulsive liar who keeps secrets from her as a matter of course, and when those secrets get out...'oh fuck' indeed.
revealed secrets are excellent 'oh fuck' moments (especially when it's done by an on-and-off girlfriend who's a compulsive liar) (also I've read some of your Demonica book and enjoyed it– I'd say one of the only reasons you're not getting comments is because it might be a little bit mature for KP. as great as this website is, I don't think everyone on here can appreciate the ingenuity of Demonic Compulsive Disorder. keep posting, though– I'll definitely comment when I get the time to sit down and read it properly)
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