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Name: Max Reynolds

Age and year: 16, sophomore

Personality: A literal ray of sunshine, holy crap he is like the nicest kid you’ve ever met. He’s literally almost always smiling and joking around, and all of the teachers love him (though he is a bit of a kiss up sometimes). Somewhat flirty with girls, occasionally subtly flirts with guys since he’s not quite “out” yet. Fairly athletic; on the swim team and soccer team. He also likes theatre but usually only does like one play a year due to sports taking up a lot of his time. Finger guns and puns all the time. A good dancer, but definitely self conscious about it. Bilingual (English and Spanish, as his mom is from Puerto Rico). Plays bass guitar, ukulele, and guitar as well, though his singing is mediocre at best. Some people who don’t know him very well think he is “perfect” but he has anxiety which a lot of people don’t know about, and despite being an extrovert, it makes crowds and stuff hard for him sometimes. Nail biter.

Appearance: He looks Puerto Rican, taking more after his mother than his father. He has a nice smile and smiles a lot. His hair is dark brown and curly and frames his face nicely. He has warm, big dark brown eyes with long lashes. He has a smattering of freckles across his nose and cheeks and on his shoulders. He is pretty tall, at about 6’ 1”, And has an athletic build. He just got his braces off.
I really want him to be close friends with one or two of y’all’s characters please! Like I think it’s be cool if he and them had matching friendship bracelets or something!

Power: He can teleport. Now this does have limits, like he can’t teleport to Poland from the US, or anything. The further he goes the more energy it takes. He doesn’t need a destination in mind, but it’s better if he has one, since he’s teleported into a wall before.

Gender: cis male

Sexuality: bi, but he isn’t out yet (though it is kinda obvious sometimes)

Other: thinks his power is super cool. Loves loves loves super heroes, especially Marvel, especially Spider-Man, and will definitely geek out about it.
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