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This is placed in the Free Advice section because I've got nowhere else to put it.

This is the GSRM Community!
GSRM stands for Gender, Sexuality, and Romantic Minorities. The acronym is similar to LGBT*QIA*P but it saves you from writing all of that, it's all-inclusive, and it doesn't leave the A open to allies, when it really means asexual/aromantic.
I've noticed that KP has become a lot more diverse and a lot more people are questioning themselves. I've also noticed that questioning sexuality is getting emphasised on a lot, but not so much gender, for kids who are in the trans* category(like me). This thread is made for anyone on KP who isn't sure about their gender, sexuality, and romantic orientation, those who are sure (or mostly sure) with themselves but need help with relationships, being accepted, transitioning, passing, etc., or just want to talk about stuff related to GSRM.
Allies are welcome to comment, but keep in mind that this thread is mostly for those in the GSRM Community. If you are an ally, please respect that a queer person may not want you on this thread, and please DO NOT try to talk over queer people.
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