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Originally Posted by Gracithe1andonly View Post
personal confession: i really lucked out with my bio family yet am drawn like no one else to found family and maybe it's because every human being deserves what i have yet does not have it.

why do i keep writing people who aren't proud to carry their parents' names? sammie paper can't help but think of himself as the product of mistakes even though he himself isn't one. he has to remind himself all the time. tata beraht ditched his father's name for his foster brother's wife's maiden name, because no other berahts were around to throw shade at him for it. maybe it's because i am so proud of my name and my home that i'm making a special effort to recognize that that isn't everyone. and if you don't have a name and a home you can find one and build one.

maybe i'm trying to build family and community for those that have none.

how do i do this in real life??
yeah i think this is true bc its the case for me also!!
the first way you can start doing it irl is just being a good and supportive friend, yknow. you don't necessarily have to do anything special, just be there for other people
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