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Originally Posted by Gracithe1andonly View Post
so i have an imaginary world that's been with me for as long as i can remember and it's called asaidia and although i have no idea what the actual work is going to be like i think that this "three children of taria" thing is gonna work out
let me explain
there is a citadel called taria in the midst of two countries; lassow and kolca, who don't like each other. taria is often reduced to a battleground-but the three children of the lassian king, canton, graciela, and ina, are very very important.

canton is a hunter and the heir to the throne, but he has a volatile temper. people think he's capable of less than he is, but all the same, he's never really grown up. he's sort of in a frustrating vicious cycle that doesn't help his mental state at all. graciela is the middle child who is-or seems to be-simple and mindless and very stupid, incapable of comprehending the power she wields as the heiress to the throne if canton should prove too volatile she is often called fair-and-foul, because she is a very plain-looking person. ina is older than graciela, but younger than canton, and is adopted, and her birth mother, sira, made it very clear she was not to be in line for the throne unless all else failed. she is actually the daughter of ardetor and the queen's sister sira, and her father is very, very, very, very powerful. and thus, so is she- but nobody knows that. ina is the fairest one- the child that gets the most attention. however, her mother the queen is doing her best to keep her crazy, uncharted power from manifesting so that ina's already stressful life won't be too much for her to handle. ina's got the habit of biting off more than she can chew because she thinks that what affects other people won't affect her, if you catch my drift.

i'd love your opinions on this- it's something that comes into my mind a lot.
Hello. This sounds really awesome and I would read the hell out of it
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