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so I'm writing a space opera *not an opera, just an epic series set in scifi outer space* and it has amazing LGBTQA representation or at least I hope so :D


The Intergalactic Bureau of Vigilante Deployment (IBVD) is this big space station that puts together organized squads of vigilantes because intergalactic law is super chaotic. They go on missions and stuff. I haven't figured out details except that they do bounty hunting and spying and assassination jobs and it's really cool


Trip--he's the squad leader and he's this uber sassy transgender guy who is just generally hilarious. One reason for this is that he was born blind, and even though he jokes about it a lot, people tend to forget. So for example he'll ask like "who here is //xyz//" and then someone will raise their hand and he's like are you fucking kidding me. Age eighteen

Coolio--a really sweet dude who is super gentle and kind to everyone but also is crazy in hand to hand to tentacle combat; he also has really gorgeous silver eyes but he's hella ace/aro so his would-be lovers are out of luck. Age seventeen

Emmy--this gorgeous girl with super long dreadlocks and an awesome gypsy/fairy style so she wears a lot of long layered skirts and drapy sleeve tops and ofc her big brown pirate boots. She's really, really awkward and loud and has kinda an undefined sexuality in the books but she's basically pan or at least ply and kind of the main charrie I relate to haha. Age sixteen

Lacy--so she's just ridiculously smart and good in combat and can pilot spaceships, but that surprises a lot of people because she comes across as a dumb scantily clad blonde. She lurves her stiletto heel boots and cutoff booty shorts and fashion (basically faux) corsets, so she's style wise the opposite of Emmy, who's a more conservative/modestly dressed girly. She's also really gay, but she is pretty good at seducing anyone of either gender. Age seventeen

and finally Chicky--they're a really fun agender pansexual cutie who have a gorgeous androgynous style and they seem quiet at first, but they've got some serious kick-ass gun-wielding skills and co-pilot the ship. Possibly chemistry when them and Emmy. Age sixteen

and I'll use you as a
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