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Originally Posted by maxi View Post
This is really feelsy for me because I was crying when I wrote this paragraph aha

"Apart from this, the Manor was a towering masterpiece. It was constructed by men passed long ago, generations past, and they had done so much good for the world that it was impossible to forget all the good memories that had been made from the cement-hard truth of the past. Tears had been shed, blood had been spilled and families had been torn apart but people stayed strong with the bulging muscles of what made them them, what made their soul so strong and so capable of doing what was possible. Friends had been ripped apart from each other, their bonds broken, their hearts forever lost in a pit of misery and despair—yet so life went on, so the circle spun like they do and so legends were weaved from lies and deception. From this came acceptance and punishing fear, the end of stories and the beginning of killers’ impostor-like vigilante ways of life. The Manor was overshadowing and intimidating, it was the cause of so many stones on so many stones on so many tears that had been wiped away by strong forearms."
i feel like a child hiding behind your tombstone
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