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Originally Posted by maxi View Post
Name: Drew Valley
House: Slytherin
Sex: Male
Wand: Oak, unicorn hair, 10 inch
Blood Status: Wizard-born (sorry I forgot the name for this)
Personality: Self-centered apart from the fact that he is best friends with Aspen, loves to prank people and be a bit naughty at times, adores to make fun of people because it's his forte, awkward at times when meeting strangers (because seriously who isn't? c'mon people) aaaaaand I'll do the rest in the NES.
Favorite Class: Charms
Boggart: Shadows of odd creatures
Pet: Cat named Hiss
Originally Posted by maxi View Post
Oh and he's bisexual.
draspen will forever be my brotp

Charms sounded like an exciting class. Aspen was very eager to start, although he had this class with the Slytherins, and according to Isobel and Carobel, Slytherins weren't the nicest of people.
He strode into the class, determined to seem confident and make friends - Mommy always told him that confidence was a very attractive quality. Aspen flung his bag to the floor and sat down at one of the desks, which were made of gorgeous dark-reddish wood.
i wonder what keeps us so high up
could there be love beneath these wings?

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