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Originally Posted by Werty View Post
Lol, maybe all the clans are peaking. And dangerously enough, RiverClan and ShadowClan are becoming restless. Looking for more territory. WindClan is also expanding, but not towards the other Clans. ThunderClan has the highest population, but since this is long before Firestar (who would know about this in a heartbeat) was even born, ThunderClan remains blissfully oblivious. But, being in between RiverClan and ShadowClan does have it's advantages. Certain cats have been spies, but RiverClan's trust is growing short with one of them. When ThunderClan's population drops due to a massive fox attack, will they have the strength to survive? Or will the amount of Clans drop down to three?

I just wrote the back cover for the entire series. Wow. Tell me if it's a good idea.

I want to throw in Dapplecloud the med first and her app before we begin.

Also, how about the idea where certain cats we can both control? No forms, just names. It would be much easier, and our posts would be longer.

Also, what does Sparrowflight look like? I have an OC, Sparrowstar, who is black and white, and has a grandson, Clovertail, who becomes Dapplecloud's apprentice. I'm thinking Snowpelt and Clovertail could be littermates (although Clovertail looks nothing like her). I know Sparrowflight isn't leader, but it would be cool if maybe we could go with the rest of it, scrap the leader part. It's up to you.

Also Le Dapplecloud form:
I love this idea! So we're going to start before the fox attack and cover it?
I like both of us being able to control certain cats. I think the rule should be that we control the cats we've made forms for. Cats mentioned in the forms are open to both of us. Agreed?

The idea with Sparrowflight and Clovertail sounds good to me! Let us have Sparrowflight be as you have said.

Also, I like Dapplecloud a lot.
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