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Um can i have heaps? if you know how to draw anime/manga go ahead, but i'm fine with real pics.

Long Black hair (for anime/mange, waist length, for normal just below the underarm)
Eyes are blue, but can you leave them blank. i'm good at colouring but now the drawing (she has many eye colours, Red, Gold, Purple etc)
She's pretty tall
Her age Range is 10-13 and for one chapter, and a few flashforwards she's 30 something. The main age is Twelve though. And she's pretty mature in the brain and on the face too.
Thin eye brows.
She's a Girl
Could she be standing an a dangerous posistion her hands in her pockets of the long black jacket (i'll explain in the clothes) and looking dangerous.
The clothes would be a Purple Tank top, all ripped at the waist, A long black jacket and khaki shorts
is there anything else you need to know?
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