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Originally Posted by Gracithe1andonly View Post
she is such an amazing character. do you have a favorite yet?
(what books are you into? I think we both like harry potter but it's not our main thing. what is your main thing? what lives rent free in your brain? for me it's detroit: become human right now and i'm so frustrated that i can't pick my obsessions, they just attack me)
i like hermoine, and watching her character/personality change and grow is really interesting! both ron and draco are hilarious (while very different characters, they both have some funny lines)
for me, I would have to say realistic fiction (prob why I stayed away from hp for so long) but I do struggle to find some good ones. i feel that so many young adult rf books are usually romance, and while that's fine, it is VERY repetitive lol. one book I rly liked was we were liars (although i think I was drawn more to the plot than the writing)
I've never heard of the Detroit one you mentioned? what is that about?

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