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Default Update and Heads Up


I just want to point out a few things so everyone knows. Predator-6 has mentioned some changes will occur far the trail week, which ends Sunday 12:00 PM. So, basically, noon time on Sunday. That is also when the week points will be tallied up! If that doesn't scare anyone that the following will.

ArabellasAura had commented that House Sky was at 91 pts. We are at 93 pts. Yes, we are in the lead, so far. However, the weekend is coming up and lots of people are gonna be posting.

Now, thirdly. Due to the changes in points that are going to be made after the Trail Week, the points in which we gather this week, will be erased. I know. I gasped a little too.

So, why am I writing this update if the points are gonna go to 0? If we win this week, some people, who have not chosen their houses yet, might come over to our house. And I wouldn't admit it, but I am competitive.

I do understand everyone has school, lives, families, and not alot of time. And I am not saying spend your whole weekend typing up a story or poem. The simple comments can add up. Or poll votes also help. Little, timeless things, really do help. If you can gather 35 or 20 points, that's great!

ArabellasAura, I think, is making House Land a banner! So, I just want to add that.

Furthermore. I want to add that the members of Land should think want our memo should be. Like a statement or saying. For example, the Starks in the Game of Thrones have the statement "Winter is Coming". Bad example, but hopefully you get the point. This is a community. Everyone should have a say.

I am not quiet sure if Lelin Da Flame is or has joined us yet. But, none the less.

Thank you all!
And if you would like to add anything, just add it.

Kidpub House: Land
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