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Originally Posted by LizzieS View Post
Did you see the last episode? David - that's John Doe's real name - REMEMBERED that he was in love with Catherine. BUT HE WAS SUPPOSED TO GET DIVORSED AND MARRY SNOW WHITE! *pulls out hair in rage* STUPID STUCK-UP PRINCESS CATHERINE! PRINCE CHARMING ISN'T MEANT FOR YOU! HE'S MEANT FOR SNOW WHITE!
Yeah, yeah. I saw last episode. XD

SHE'S A FREAKING IDIOT! >.< And ohemgee, when she was a princess, before the curse, she was such a *insert long string of curse words here*.

AND HE NEVER LOVED HER. He wanted to stay with his Mom, but the king was like, "Rawr! Rawr! Marry her or I'll kill you!"

I liked the ending though, with Snow peeking out from behind a tree. :3
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