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Originally Posted by LizzieS View Post
I know. Snow's so epic in the fairy tale world and... Ugh. I don't like her in Storybrook. She's such a... such a... TEACHER!

I lurve Rumpelstilskin/Mr. Gold. He's so freakin' epic. But those dolls... *shivers* *has nightmares* And Prince Charming LOOKED AT THEM. D:
I like Mary Margaret, she's nice. :3 But I agree, she was EPIC before the spell.

Ohemgee. I feel so bad for that couple. Evil Jiminy Cricket's bleeping parents! >.<

Originally Posted by LizzieS View Post
Gotta go. The Middle's on. And the stinkin' lappytop isn't working. :\ Talk to you tommorrow!
I was watching ze middle too. ^_^
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