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NAME: Heather
AGE: 15
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Mostly defensive strategies, but she has throwing knives, and later in the book, she acquires a whip from a fallen tribute.
BACKGROUND: comes from tremendously (sp?) ignorant family who doesn't care properly for her, and is thus independant, yet weak and unstable.
STRATEGY: in the trees, like Rue. ^__^ Although, near the end, she gets desperate and starts killing some people. D:
ALLIANCES (a specific character OR anyone from District ___): Camikat's character (umm... yeah. :P) and POSSIBLY Michael, the other 11-er. xD
MOTIVATION: her dog, Truffle, and her crush, a boy named Wilson.
STRENGTHS: agility, aim, survival skills, quick escapes. (:
WEAKNESSES: being cornered, feeling stupid, terrified of death.
DEATH: Killed by Allya (making her victor) in 23rd chapter. XD
OTHER: Appearance: chest-length, straight brown hair that is in a bun for a while, but when her band snaps, she just leaves it out. She is half asian and half Caucasian, and her eyes are dark chocolate brown. She is normal height and underweight, with uneven teeth. *based off my friend. 8D*

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