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Originally Posted by WolfWriter View Post
Hello, Hunger Games fans! The hype is at maximum levels with the release of the film, but this is not the place to discuss our opinions on the movie. Nope. I have an idea. I thought someone was going to do this before, but it kind of died and I can't find the thread :P But I need twenty-four talented writers and HG fans.

Because we're gonna write a fanfiction.

Since there's twenty-four of you, you may be able to guess how this will play out. Well, everyone will write a SINGLE chapter of any length from the POV of their character. Their character must be a tribute in the Hunger Games, probably the 80th or something. Or we can do like the 70th games. Whatever, as long as Katniss and Peeta aren't around :P And no previous victors! Everyone needs to be brand new characters!

Anyway. This book will be twenty-four chapters, with everyone writing a chapter from a different POV, as aforestated. But our problem is...who's going to do it? And who's going to be the ultimate victor?

Well, that's what this thread is for. First come, first serve! The order we apply for a chapter will be the order in which we write. Like, if anyone wants to go first, I don't have any ideas to start out with, but I'll go second. After that, you can go in the order that you sign up. The last person to sign up will be the victor but we should NOT start to write until the person before us has posted their part. We want to actually seem like we know what we're doing :P So keep up to date on this thread so you know how all our characters will link together. It would be a good idea for us not to start this until everyone signs up, so we can form alliances and such. We'll kick off the actual fanfic as soon as we get organised.

Sound like a plan? ^_^ I hope it works and it isn't confusing. To sign up, fill this out about your character:

ALLIANCES (a specific character OR anyone from District ___):

Hope you all join and may the odds be ever in your favour!

That sounds really fun! I'll do it!
NAME: Olivia Hemmingsbee
GENDER: Female
AGE: 15
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Errrrrr...I'm not sure yet. XD
BACKGROUND: Has been taking care of her ill mother since her Dad was killed, and was practically raising her family.
STRATEGY: Hmmmm....
ALLIANCES (a specific character OR anyone from District ___): I'll wait until I see who all fills out a form.
MOTIVATION: Ill Mom and three younger siblings.
STRENGTHS: Quick, perfect hand-eye cordination, and hides well.
DEATH: I'm not 100% sure yet.
Hm...I don't want to write right away, so maybe I could go like....eighth or something? XD
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