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Originally Posted by BlueMi View Post
NAME: Heather
AGE: 15
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Mostly defensive strategies, but she has throwing knives.
BACKGROUND: comes from tremendously (sp?) ignorant family who doesn't care properly for her, and is thus independant, yet weak and unstable.
STRATEGY: in the trees, like Rue. ^__^ Although, near the end, she gets desperate and starts killing some people. D:
ALLIANCES (a specific character OR anyone from District ___): I dunno. Anyone? :D
MOTIVATION: her dog, Truffle, and her crush, a boy named Wilson.
STRENGTHS: agility, aim, survival skills, quick escapes. (:
WEAKNESSES: being cornered, feeling stupid, terrified of death.
DEATH: either wins (xD) or is killed by someone from District 1 or 2 is 20-23rd chapter. XD
OTHER: ...
How about you write chapter 23 then? :)
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