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Originally Posted by Rockshadow View Post
NAME: Allya Grevitch.
AGE: 14
BACKGROUND: She was born and raised in the foster home, where she quickly learned how to be smart, clever, and excellent with weapons.
STRATEGY: Stays in basically one spot, but kills anyone that comes near her. She launches herself in the Cornucopia, ends up alive and with a black backpack filled with water, food, a sleeping bag, rope and twine, and she also gets the bow and arrow.
ALLIANCES (a specific character OR anyone from District ___): None. She stays alone.
MOTIVATION: She has a friend, Rocky, that is near death and only high-tech medicine from the Capitol can save her.
STRENGTHS: Strong, clever, smart, fantastic aim.
WEAKNESSES: She doesn't know the difference between Rue's berries and nightlock.
DEATH: Well...can she be the victor? But if not, then she eats the nightlock.
OTHER: She has short black hair and brown eyes.
If you REALLY want to be the victor, you can do so ^__^ If you're certain, I'll put you in for the last chapter
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