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Suppose I should fill out mine O_o

NAME: Seth Kollie
AGE: 15
BACKGROUND: He grew up in District 10 caring for and generally protecting the cattle from any wild dogs and cougars. He spent many nights awake, patrolling the district limits with only a hunting knife, and has killed his fair share of wild animals attempting to attack the herds. His older brother was killed in the Hunger Games, and ever since, Seth has taken on the role of eldest child in his family.
STRATEGY: He goes for the Cornucopia, using his speed to his advantage, and is the second person to reach it. He snatches up a dagger, a tarp, and a backpack including a matchbox and some dried jerky along with a ball of twine. He beats the heck out of there before most of the other tributes arrive at the Cornucopia.
ALLIANCES (a specific character OR anyone from District ___): Girl tribute from District 10 and Bryn
MOTIVATION: His older brother was killed in the Hunger Games, and he thinks that he is destined to avenge his death. He has always lived in his brother's shadow but thinks this is now his chance to pick up where his brother left off.
STRENGTHS: Fast (from years of dodging cattle), acute senses, comfortable in the dark, very determined, resourceful
WEAKNESSES: He can't bring himself to kill humans, because in every one he sees his brother
DEATH: He is trying to take the Cornucopia as a refuge when he discovers it is already occupied. He holds the other tribute at knifepoint, but in the end, his hesitation costs him his life. He is stabbed (depending on who kills him...) and manages to crawl away to a creek, where he bleeds to death.
OTHER: He is generally trusting. Who wants to be the one to kill him?
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