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Originally Posted by lvhamsters View Post
NAME: Bryn
GENDER: Female
AGE: 15
WEAPON OF CHOICE: Bow and Arrow and Switchblade
BACKGROUND: Lived alone for past 7 years with her 12 year old sister and 10 year old brother. Her parents died in a past HG.
STRATEGY: Tree climber. Stays in trees. Doesn't make noise. Only kills if she has too.
ALLIANCES (a specific character OR anyone from District ___): Anyone :p
MOTIVATION: Has to get back home to take care of her sister and brother.
STRENGTHS: Good tree climber, good with weapons and socializing.
WEAKNESSES: Animals/getting food
DEATH: Killed by being shot by anyone in later chappys and falls from tree.
OTHER: None!

I'll take chappy number 17 :p
Wanna be an ally? :) Or, better yet, if you wouldn't mind, perhaps Seth could have a bit of a crush on Bryn? But she could be the one who kills him. He attacks her at the Cornucopia because it's dark and she acts in self-defence or something.

Oh! And everyone, we need to come up with an Arena!
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