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Originally Posted by Caleigh View Post
@WolfWriter: I think it'd be cool to have my character fall in love with some guy character since boys are her weakness. XD I don't know, just a thought. ^_^
@Rocky: I think it'd be fun to have us as an alliance to the end, but then someone's character kills me??? I don't know, just brainstorming here. Haha. If we did that, I'd have to be the chapter before you or something like that. :P
Yeah, that would work really well! ^___^ But she can't know that it's Seth she kills, if we do the bit with the Cornucopia.

Ivhamsters, do you mind if I do the whole crush thing with Caleigh? :P And, Caleigh, you'd have to be in chapter 22 then, so you can be killed by whoever does 23. Or else, Rockshadow's character kills you :P
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