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Originally Posted by camikat View Post
Okay, here's my character:

NAME: Tressa
GENDER: Female
AGE: 12
BACKGROUND: She lives in the streets in the poorest part of the district, where she had to learn to defend herself after her parents left her. She's very skilled with a sword, though is pretty helpless in nature since she lives in a concrete jungle.
STRATEGY: Only kill if absolutely nesicarry (sp?), and steal provisions from the other tributes. Mostly stay in hiding.
ALLIANCES (a specific character OR anyone from District ___): Anyone but the Career Tributes.
MOTIVATION: She believes that her family didn't want to leave her, so she wants to track them down and be reunited.
STRENGTHS: Good in combat and stealthy, skills she learned from living on the streets.
WEAKNESSES: Doesn't know how to hunt or find food, and is reluctant to hurt anybody, making her and easy target.
DEATH: In the middle of the book, though I'm not exactly sure how.
So...I would be Chapter 12? Or 13? Unless it would be more convenient for Tressa to die later...
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