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Originally Posted by Werty View Post
I joined a year and a half before Alem ._. so I probably wouldn't be a new soul. Just to point it out. And Sy also joined before... I think? And Ena was definitely here before me. Sorry

And also if you go on the NES in the main page you can see the youngun's just playing it like we used to and i feel nostalgia and also happy-sad but mainly I just feel old
yeah but like this is personal perception and not at all, in any way, shape, or form, related to how long anyone has been a member of kidpub.

your kidpub membership is older than alem's, but your soul is younger.

boi if u feel old imagine how ancient i feel lol
Little boy inside my chest
Breathe some life into my bones
I've been lost and wandering
Down and out and missing home

(So beat a little louder now
I can't hear you anymore)
-Barns Courntey
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