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Default Beta Reader Advertisement

This is an ad in search of Beta Readers
I have two already, but they are understandably busy with school and their own lives, plus it would be nice to have multiple opinions on things. Here's a bit of information on the book:

Title: Only Ash
Genre: Soft science fiction
POV: First person POV of Hendrix
Summary: Russia has been kidnapping kids from around the world to run experiments on them. Hendrix 'Trick' Sanchez was one of those kids, his little sister, Elle, was another. Seven years into captivity, the base Trick is being held at is destroyed in a sudden and mysterious attack. But it's an out of the frying pan and into the fire experience, and all Hendrix can do is try to keep his sister safe.

If you're interested please let me know! Commitment is minimal, if you find partway through that you can't Beta anymore, all you have to do is shoot me a message letting me know and I'll take you off the doc. No big deal c:.

I can Beta or critique in return.

Some Other Things:
- You will need google docs, and I will need your gmail. (My contact tab is open)
- I have created a questions list, it doesn't *need* to be followed, but I'd like it if you did.
- I might have a lot of questions about any comments made.

Feel free to use this space to advertise your own search requests for Beta Readers or Critique partners and the like.
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