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(*coughs*) Um...okay, I'm not sure if anyone will care all that much, but, I'm taking a break. I've been kind of stressed, lately, and I feel like being on KP and the WB are kind of distracting me from writing, since browsing and reading stuff on here is easier than writing when I'm stressed.

Also...I'm sorry, but, I can't co-write with anyone or join an NES with anyone. Technically, I've never been allowed to write with someone I don't know in person, and, even though I haven't got caught, I feel really REALLY bad for violating that rule. x_x So, I'm sorry...I won't be able to write with any of you guys. I really want to, because you're all fantastic authors and I love collaborating, but, my dad said I can't, and I need to respect that.

I'm going to focus on writing WOT while I'm gone. And, of course, if anyone really needs something, maybe to vent or something, I'm ALWAYS available on the Charbretta thread. <:^J I'll check that pretty regularly. Other than that, I'm taking a break from KP. I'll be back soon, with a BUNCH of chapters of WOT, amongst other things.

While I'm gone, please everyone stay safe. <:^3 I know a lot of you guys have problems and don't always feel like anybody cares, but, if nothing else, I care. Even if I don't know you that well, I don't want you to be unhappy, and if I can lend some encouraging words or advice, I'll give it.

See you on the sidebar later, everyone. <3
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