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Name: Lillian Rywe. Prefers to be called just Lily.
Age(preferably 12-20): 12.
Gender: F.
Appearance: Light blue eyes, furrowed eyebrows. Thick black hair, always freshly cut at her shoulders, without bangs. Has a naive look sometimes, but usually appears interested and curious. Hasn't hit her growth spurt yet, and is rather short for her age. Has a pair of reading glasses she wears, but not often, since they're susceptible to breaking. She wears over-large t-shirts with cheesy slogans, whatever pants/shorts are available, and leather boots. Has a khaki-colored messenger bag that never leaves her side.
Personality: Still confused from all the change. Sortof naive, but already understands certain things. Easy to make her laugh. She notices little things, and likes to talk about her dreams. Despite this, she doesn't make friends easily. Bad at conversation. Is sympathetic.
Power/s(up to 3 and nothing major): (ok so this is where I become really uncreative.) Has a...really green thumb. Um. So she can grow plants at will, manipulating their growth. Can call upon creatures of water, although whether they obey her or not is another matter entirely. Can place minor memories into other people, although she can't alter or remove any memories.
Emotion/s that is was triggered by: Joy when her mom had twins was when it was triggered.
Background: Family was made up of her kind mother, her caring father, who was rarely home and seemed rather distant, and her younger siblings (twins, a boy and a girl). They didn't live in a very 'good' neighborhood, and thus, she alone was sent off to live with a second cousin in the suburbs several cities away.
Other: Has a kitten as a pet.
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just a prettier

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