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I'm back c: Thanks for waiting, Jesse. And psst you can call me Nikki.

(Note: I'm using a character from my current novel. Hope that's alright. Alsoo– are we allowed to have more than one character?)

Laufeia Svalova

Calculating, determined, and ambitious, Laufeia isn't the most likely person to be isolated in an Icelandic village, but family ties have reluctantly bound her here. She's very independent, but can be cold, especially if someone doesn't agree with her ideas. She's mature for her age (seventeen), but has a fierce temper and can be impulsive. Incredibly faithful to her friends and family, she can easily become obsessed with something (or someone), and is judgemental rather than ethical. Organized, manipulative, selfless, and proud. She has a phobia of fast-moving water and loves pasta.

Laufeia has long, pale blonde hair that looks almost silver, and very light blue-gray eyes. She's average height, around 5"7, and slim, with sharp, narrow features.

She has two older brothers and a younger sister, and both of her parents are still alive. Her relationship with her family is standard, for a teenager. Laufeia also has a boyfriend, but he left the village a few months ago to go to university, and she's struggling to maintain a long-distance relationship with him.
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