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Originally Posted by Athenabrain1 View Post
Name: Alice
Age (18 to 22, please): 18
*Gender: Female
Personality: A bit shy and quiet when I first meet you. Then gets chatty and sometimes even annoying. (I know, right?) Makes jokes without realizing.
Appearance (can be made up): I have black hair that's never out of its ponytail and the entire ponytail's this coral pink/magenta/red/bronzeish color. Also, I have bronze highlights that are sunbleached red. Pale skin and tall.
**Roommate/Roommates: idk
Interests: Art, reading, and writing
Let's be roommates

Name: Meera Kasturi
Age (18 to 22, please): 18
Personality: Is known for never talking, but once you hang around her a lot you'll see why that's not true. She is also known for trusting no one, and this is actually true O_o She also considers herself unshippable (seeing as she is asexual), but loves shipping others. Basically, she's that quiet girl in the background who knows everything about everyone and always has a handy supply of sarcasm to chip in with. She can also act little-kid-cute and suddenly start scaring people away faster than they can blink. This happens to pretty much every guy she talks to, which is another reason why she is unshippable.
Appearance (can be made up): VERY tall, brown hair and red highlights and freaky long bangs, swimmer shoulders that barely fit into dresses, and absurdly dark eyes and skin. Has purple glasses and a green backpack which she takes EVERYWHERE!
Interests: Writing (durr), swimming and water polo, RUNNING A LOT, designing stuff like book covers and websites, being a music nerd (piano and flute)
Other: She has a cat named Cat. :3 Cat has been known to attack people.

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