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Name: Ena Brevard
Age (18 to 22, please): 18
Gender: Female
Personality: forget it
Appearance (can be made up): Wavy copper-colored hair that goes to the bottom of her shoulder blades; the length changes often and her hair grows fast. Also, she keeps a streak of color on the left side which usually changes each time she gets her hair cut. Right now, it's dark purple. Her eyes are blue with splashes of green, an exotic shade reminiscent of the ocean. Her skin is fair and she has a lot of freckles. She is 5'5" (though is usually wearing 1-inch heels) and moderately curvy; wouldn't be described as slender, rather as lean and muscular. She doesn't have a set "style" and she has a wide variety of clothing types. She can be quite businesslike one day and rebellious the next, also does some "casual cosplay" sometimes and sometimes wears old-fashioned stuff.
Roommate/Roommates: don't want one
Interests: ANIME/MANGA (watching, reading, drawing), MUSIC (plays double bass, can sing, loves listening to music), WRITING (mostly fantasy and poetry), READING (nothing more to say here), ART (realistic and manga, drawing, many mediums, 2d and 3d), WEAPONRY (tons of stuff. Not particularly knowledgeable on guns though), also does random research from time to time.
Other: #two years till I'm ordinary
this and this and this

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