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Originally Posted by Dr.Awesome View Post
Name: Travis Shadowheart (* I'm like really obsessed with this name *)

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Personality: I suppose I'm really dorky and show people affection by telling them they're complete idiots. Then, if they reply by calling me something funnier, I befriend them. Also, this is me a lot:
Person is mean to me: Don't give a flubber
Person is mean to my friend: Person receives instant death

Appearance: Um, how about naturally dried brown hair parted to the right and eyes that are bottle green. I wear really awesome shirts that have cool quotes on them and blue jeans with the black converse I always wear at school.

Roommate: Freakin' Casper the Friendly Ghost (*troll face*). Do they have to be on KidPub?

Interests: Finding quiet places and reading, running track, and having lip syncing battles with myself

Other: People have accused me of traveling to earth from planet Annoying and I accuse them of coming from planet Untrue Accusations. I quote LolSoTrue a lot :|
I suppose your roomie could be a fictional character or someone you make up but you control them and they're not a huge part of the story?? Idk man.
i wonder what keeps us so high up
could there be love beneath these wings?

((death, white lies))
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