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okie dokie then here comes MY CHARACTER WHOOP

Name: Harper Lorelai
Age(preferably 12-20): 16
Gender: female
Appearance: Dark brown skin, curly/kinky hair shaved into a mohawk and dyed various colors every so often, dark brown eyes. Tall and chubby with various tattoos up and down her body.
Personality: Extremely quick-witted and perceptive, adaptable to almost any situation. Very manipulative and cunning, but if she takes a liking to you, she'll be warmhearted, caring, and loyal to the end. She usually has a great handle on her emotions, but if she is betrayed in any way, she completely loses it and will do anything to take her enemy down.
Power/s(up to 3 and nothing major): Imperviability? Intolerability? Idk what you'd call it, but she can make herself or other people "intolerable" to physical pain (it's not really being intolerable--she just lessens the pain greatly, and it's only temporary). She's also got charmspeak, I guess you'd say (lying to people or convincing them to do something), and the ability to read and control emotions (the stronger your will and mind, however, the more difficult it is for her to control them).
Emotion/s that is was triggered by: Extremely violent anger at betrayal.
Background: Grew up in a middle-class family of two parents and three siblings besides her. It wasn't until she was twelve where things took a wrong turn. Her father cheated on her mother and left their family, which is what triggered her powers. Her two older sisters got into substance abuse, the oldest one having to drop out of college to get a full-time job to pay her dues after she was caught on multiple occasions. The family grew apart and was never the same again.
Other: N/A
m i k e a r u b a
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