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(I am)

I paced back and forth in my room, wondering why my mom had told me to keep quiet. After I was in, and had locked the door my parents began to argue.

"She knocked him out. After he kissed her. Delilah, you know she's not normal." My dad's booming voice shook the house.

"Melanie never touched him! You know no one saw her physically beat him up."

"Exactly! This isn't natural. I think we should turn her in."

"Gage, she's your daughter. You are human, aren't you?" I felt a rush of joy that Mom was holding her ground. A storm started up outside with heavy drops of rain that pounded on my window.

"I know I'm human, but she obviously isn't." My father's cold voice astounded me. Was he the same man that encouraged me playing flag football with the boys?

Shouts continued firing below me. My emotions were a muddled wad of confusion and anger. The storm abruptly stopped.
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