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Okay well I am going to join then.

Name: Carter Mason
Age (preferably 12-20): 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dark brown hair that falls in waves over his forehead, tanned skin, and bright hazel eyes. He has thick lashes and a strong jawline. He is a very handsome boy, and his 6'2" muscular frame adds to it. He is very aware of his appearance and uses it to his advantage. However, he doesn't smile very often.
Personality: He is very reserved, not talking much or trusting hardly anyone. He likes solitude and thrives on it. He is independent and when he does speak he likes to give his opinion on everything. The one time he will act slightly outgoing is when he is taking advantage of his charm speak and his appearance to get what he wants.
Power/s(up to 3 and nothing major): Charm speak, although he doesn't take advantage of it often because it usually requires him to be outgoing. He also can "push" items with his mind, for example moving a chair or throwing a rock.
Emotion it was triggered by: Loneliness.
Backstory: He lived with his aunt when he was a child, and she never really paid him much attention, instead favoring her own sons. So he became solitary. He got in big trouble one day by being in the wrong place at the wrong time and his aunt kicked him out. He lived with his dead mother's father for a little while, and he was very strict with Carter. He began to feel like he had no one to go to and got a little depressed. It was then that his powers emerged.
Other: N/A
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