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//this is all told in first person, right? o3o//
I peer through the thin curtains, the light of dawn only just beginning to seep through. They're at it again. I watch the patrols linger around the corner, then split up. They usually browse the smaller streets, a few keeping watch on the roads. Keeping watch for suspicious people.
Not that anyone would be stupid enough to go out now, I thought to myself. Then again, I had, a few times. Oops.
I drop down onto the couch as another official sweeps by, face covered in weary wrinkles. They're all tired, all of them, tired of all the strange orders they've been sent, tired of having to patrol 24/7 and keep on the lookout for 'mysterious teens' and 'suspicious activity'. They don't know what's going on.
Then again, neither do we.

It doesn't matter, I think to myself, stepping up and walking towards the kitchen. They won't find me.

is it
because of you
i am

or is this
just a prettier
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