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Originally Posted by InfiniteAbyss View Post
*Carter can meet Robin*

A jolt awakens me and I instinctively get into a fighting stance before realising it was just a cat. I looked up into the sky and noticed that it was was nearing dusk. I can't believe I slept in so late. I quickly jumped onto the nearest rooftop and made my way across it running and jumping to the closest rooftop over and over again. I slowed my pace down a bit and was slowly walking across a slanted rooftop when my foot slipped and I went sliding over the edge. As I went over my hands grabbed onto the gutter but I didn't have the strength to pull myself back up. I knew I could've used my powers but I was trying to be normal, so I was going to get out of this like a normal person even though this probably wasn't a situation a normal person would get stuck in. I dangled for a moment before I realised there was a window in front of me and a boy with brown hair and hazel eyes was staring directly at me. There was also two other men dressed in suits who I didn't realise I was there until that boy started gaping like a fish. The men turned around and I stared back frightened and shocked as I realised the men were from the government, who was currently hunting people like me. I heard one of the men shout, "call back up, we will get her this time," as he rushed for the front door.

I struggled for a bit longer before I knew it was hopeless and hurriedly let go and levitated myself to the ground . So much for being a normal person. I started running but in less than a minute I was surrounded by them. I saw that the boy was standing at his front door with an older gent who were both looking at me oddly.
"Now come on darlin," one of the operative sneered, "we won't hurt you if you come with us easily."

He was slowly taking steps forward and I reacted by lowering my head in not submission but shame of what I was about to do.
"I will never come with you," I screamed as I tried to focus on sending them all flying high in the air. When I looked up they were all floating there and I hurriedly bought them smashing to the ground. I was about to run off but my eyes locked with those of that boy and I could see something in his eyes which I mistook for disgust.
*I'm gonna proceed how I had mentioned above.*

After the patrol had naively declared me an un-suspicious teen, I sort of zoned out as he explained the procedures for their follow up with me, just to ensure that I truly wasn't of concern. So I had even staring at the pictures my grandfather and i had hung of him in his military uniform goodness knows how long ago. When I had decided that I'd studied his jacket as much as possible, I turned to look out the window.

And met eyes with a pair of shockingly ivory eyes.

I should've just looked away, but instead I just stood there like an idiot with my mouth open wondering why she was outside my window. The patrols must've noticed my staring because they very quickly turned their attention away from me and their procedures to the girl. The younger patrol yelled at the older patrol, "Call back up, we'll get her this time!" With that the girl took off.

Oh. my. god. She was like me. I had to find her and I had to help her. The patrols were already gone and out the door, and grandfather had returned to his nightly news on the NetScreen. He was so engrossed in the latest reports of the suspicious teen roundup that he barely noticed me slip out the door and into the streets. I had to find her. I needed someone else who understood what was wrong with me. So I ran, but only for a block or two before I heard the girl screaming something I was too far away to understand, and saw all of the patrols flying through the air.

I stared at her intensely, trying to figure out how to approach her. People always told me it was hard to read my emotions, so when the girl finally looked at me she looked a bit taken aback before regaining her composure. I decided that there was only one way to convince her I wouldn't turn her in- show her I was like her, too.

"I'm Carter," I said smoothly, with a very fake smile, as I tried my best to work my charm speak on her to convince her I was friendly and trustable. "and according to those guys you just sent flying's definition, I'm a suspicious teen. Except they don't know it yet. And you are?"
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