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I stared at him absolutely shocked and scared. I didn't want to meet another person who was like me. I hated what I was but for some reason I felt like I could trust him. Then something clicked in my somehow this boy was using his powers to convince me. I started to step back once again completely frightened.
"You don't need to know who I am, you may be like me but you are just as fake as the rest of them, " I stated as calmly as possible, doing my best to avoid his gaze. "I should be going," I mumbled as I went to go but I stopped dead in my tracks when I felt a small drop of something start to soak my white t-shirt. I looked down and noticed a patch of red rapidly darkening and spreading. Damn it! One of them must of shot me. I pressed my hand to my side quite quickly as I tried to stop the bleeding but as soon as I took my hand off it was covered in blood and more just kept spilling from my wound.
I slowly turned back around to face the boy, this just causing more blood to pour out. I watched closely as his eyes flittered from my hand to my side then back to my face. My vision was now clouding with black dots and I felt my knees buckle from beneath me. My head hit the ground but I felt no pain and as the blackness consumed my vision I saw the boy moving closer to me. Then the blackness took over and I fell into unconsciousness.
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