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*Dude Crater is gonna legit be so awkward with her, like he doesn't know how to handle situations like this *

Me? Fake?

If I hadn't been so focused on using my charm speak, "fake" is never a word she would've used to describe me. As she spoke, I noticed a drop of blood on her shirt… and it continued to grow. Crap, I thought, one of the patrols must've shot her. I watched nervously, frozen in shock and unsure how to help her, as she crumpled to the ground. Her ivory eyes never left mine as she slipped into unconsciousness.

It was then that my body seemed to catch up with my mind. Some of the patrols she had sent flying were coming too, and she wouldn't last long with a bullet hole in her side and this much bleeding, so I scooped her up in my arms and began to walk as quickly as I could away into the shadows. I snaked through a few of the alleys I had wandered on the particularly lonely nights, and soon we were far enough away for me to examine the wound.

Her crimson blood had soaked through her shirt and onto mine when I had held her. I gently lay her down on the ground, kneeling beside her. I gulped. I hated wounds, but i knew if didn't at least try and stop the bleeding she'd be in serious trouble. I pulled her shirt up about halfway so I could clearly see where the blood was coming from. God, there was so much of it, I don't know if I can do this. I take a deep breath and rip a ragged strip off the bottom of my t shirt. I never liked this one, anyways. Carefully, I lifted her midriff off the ground as the blood continued to spill out of the gruesome wound and slipped the fabric underneath her.

That was when I felt her recoil a bit under my touch. Just my luck. This girl who already thinks I'm fake and most likely doesn't trust me very much is going to wake up from being unconscious with her shirt half up and me bent over her. That's gonna freak her out. Just then, her eyelids fluttered open a bit.

*Sorry I kind of did a little bit with Robin at the end, just needed to add that part and I figured you wouldn't mind. I'll delete it/change it if you'd prefer*
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