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"Don't mention it," I mumbled. Every time I try to help someone it ends up like this, with a misunderstanding and a cautious look. Uusually what happens is I accidentally use one of my powers on them, causing them to have unnatural trust in everything I say or literally moving inanimate objects that otherwise would've been stationary. The best example of this is when I was staying at Aunt Larissa's house. She had two sons about my age, Joseph and Hunter, and both were absolute brats. One day Hunter had asked me to give him the remote to the NetScreen, and not wanting to get up, I had absentmindedly pushed it over there with my powers. He totally flipped and I managed to convince him that he was imagining things, but he told Aunt Larissa and she was always a little more cautious around me after that. I hated helping people, I decided.

The girl's skin was slowly draining of color. Well, so much for not helping people, I thought, I can't just leave her here to die. I swiftly bend down so we are eye level, and she pushes herself up a little farther but i can tell it pains her. "We gotta get you to a doctor. I hate to break it to you, but I'm pretty sure you're gonna die if we don't."
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