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Why am I always the one who has to start conversations and make plans? With most of my friends there's some kind of balance, but with you two if I don't start conversations you just won't talk to me. And then you get so upset with me if I stop constantly reaching out to you. When the three of us are doing anything together you whisper to each other and run off leaving me alone constantly. I am always the one who walks behind you two. You will literally push me out of the way all the time. You will ignore me and leave me behind even when we are all in the same room. But if I stop reaching out to you you get so incredibly angry. On the class trip you set up a seperate tent from me, and when some of the boys told you it wasn't fair to exclude people you both argued that I was the one who said there want much room. Yeah, there wasn't, because the two of you took up over three quarters of a tent for four people and wanted me to either put my stuff in the van or in my sleeping bag. You had a birthday party for one of you at the other persons house and talked about it over and over in front of me, sending me pictures of a jelly roll you were making, then didn't invite me. You still constantly asked for a present. Speaking of birthdays, you both forgot mine. Liking an Instagram post and not even going out of your way enough to send a simple "happy birthday" is infuriating. lol and here I am planning for yiur birthday and making things a month in advance. You tell me I'm "one of your best friends" yet when I sit you both down and tell you you're making me feel like shit and to stop fucking excluding me you agree, then the very next day you set up a tent outside and only when the fucking teacher tells you I'm upset you tell me I could go hang out with you for "a minute or two". Yeah that's not called including someone. Then when I tried to talk to you each one on one first one of you started screaming about how the lily pads were goin to kill you and ran away while I was taking, then the other interrupted me to ask where the other one of you was, then walked away. We had a sleepover recently and you had me sleep in another room because there "wasn't enough space". Oh yeah, and that sleepover was only happening because a few days ago I had been planning a sleepover with one if you and you canceled it telling me you parents didn't want anyone over so you could have a sleepover with the other person. Thanks for that. Oh yeah, and S in particular. We are going to school together in nineteen days. You want me to be your roommate, but you get angry at me and tell me I need to stop correcting you because it hurts yiur self esteem, then later that day constantly "joke" about how kids new to the school suck and how you're by far the better artist and how you're so much more mature. So I guess your self esteem matters more. And when we were taking about school and you said you were scared of failing I tried my best to convince you that you are so smart and incredibly talented and that you would do just fine, but when I told you that I was scared everyone would hate me all you said was "you'll probably be ok. You're fairly likeable." Ahh, so helpful. I know most of this happened a long time ago but since neither of you have tried to so much as text me in weeks and weeks, it's all comig back and I feel so fucking annoyed. Don't worry though, I'd be happy to stay your friend as long as you at least try and be nice.
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