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Originally Posted by Zelda View Post
well, sexual immorality in general is identified as sinful and some of the things defined as sexually immoral are,
- adultery (cheating, basically)
-having sexual relationships out of marriage
ect. ect.
so i wouldn't have characters who weren't married, ah, doing stuff, either.
adultery and unmarried sex: make sense, even if I don't agree with the unmarried sex one
homosexuality: not anything like the other examples
(Also: If someone is homosexual, didn't God make them that way?)
considering that lust is a cardinal sin, doesn't that mean sex is in itself an immoral practice?
Additionally, homoromanticism isn't the same as homosexuality. I.E., you can say that you are uncomfortable writing any semblance of sexual situations / physical attraction / cheating / premarital sex BUT it has NOTHING to do with whether said relationship is homosexual or heterosexual.
So if you wouldn't write hetero characters going on dates but not doing anything sexual / nothing physical is remotely implied beyond what's acceptable between friends, then THAT'S the only reason why not including homosexual couples in stories would be okay. Because then it would be a matter of not including sex, not LEAVING OUT HOMOSEXUALS, which is the same as leaving out women or people of color. If you would call the latter two discriminatory, then isn't the former so as well?
What it comes down to is that if you're saying "I won't include homosexuals in my works because the bible says homosexuality is sexually immoral", you're really saying "I won't include gays because according to what I worship, GAYS ARE BAD".
I'm not trying to say you're homophobic....... just trying to say that you sound like you're trying to say you're lowkey homophobic.
Sin--> sexually immoral--> GAYS
Sin--> GAYS
immoral--> GAYS
GAYS ----> BAD
is what you're saying your religion says.
your religion---> you follow it
you follow it---> you believe it
your religion says BEING GAY IS SEXUALLY IMMORAL SIN---> you agree
you agree---> you think that being gay is sin
sin---> bad
gay---> bad ---------> you think gay is bad
I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but this is what I see.
this and this and this
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