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Originally Posted by Zelda View Post
no no no, i'm so not homophobic lmao.
ok, so, i'm not super comfortable with writing homosexual relationships, but i'm not real comfortable writing hetero relationships either tbh.
anyways i had this internal debate for while there, where i bounced the idea of having homosexual characters and after like, three months, and a bunch of studying i decided that i valued my faith more than the approval of my peers, and that keeping homosexuality out of my work would be a way of honoring God in my writing.

^that's the ultra-condensed version of it, at any rate. A lot more thought got put into the decision, but that would take a while to type and i'm lazy af.

Re-iterating here: I. am. not. homophobic. please don't take any of this to be an attack on the lgbt+ community because that is not what it's meant to be. ^~^
It honors God to not include a section of His creation?
this and this and this
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