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guys look: if she doesn't want to write gay characters, who are you to stop her? re has said that she's not homophobic, she doesn't *hate* gay people, she's just uncomfortable writing them, just as she's uncomfortable writing characters who have sex before they are married. people have different comfort zones, and if she wants to stay in hers, who the hell are you to stop her?

take me for example: i don't like writing about modern characters in different parts of the world (specifically third world countries) because i don't want to screw it up and end up with a weird skewed idea of an area i don't have experience living in. i know that these people in these countries exist and their stories should be told, but there is surely someone better suited to do that. i have a line that i don't want to cross, so i don't. why is re's case any different?

i know that there are members of the lgbtq community on this site (a lot, actually) but she isn't being offensive. she isn't calling you names or saying that you are wrong and don't deserve to be here, because of course you do. she just doesn't want to write gay characters.

though personally i disagree with re's philosophy, it's HERS and she can do whatever she wants with HER writing.

we all have our own comfort zones. why should hers be any different just because it stems from her faith?
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